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Access Issues - Foliage

Overgrown foliage can cause access issues by obstructing the driver’s route for safe delivery. If the driver does not have a clear view to park the tanker this could cause the driver to damage the tanker and/or could result in the driver causing damage to your property.  If foliage is surrounding your tank the driver will not be able to complete the essential safety checks on the condition of your tank before delivering your oilIt is a driver’s number 1 priority to ensure deliveries are made safely, but if the foliage does not allow them to do this it will need to be cut back or removed.  

If your delivery is unsuccessful due to an access issue, your supplier will often reattempt delivery within 5 days of your original on or before delivery date assuming the access restriction is resolved promptly. Please be aware some suppliers may charge a failed delivery fee to cover the cost of the failed delivery, and in some cases may even cancel your order and not reattempt delivery.