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BoilerJuice Buying Weekend

Everyday we group qualifying orders in your area to get a bulk discount.

Over weekends we group orders from Friday, Saturday and Sunday for even bigger savings to form the BoilerJuice Buying Weekend

Taking part in the Buying Weekend is easy

Order heating oil (Kerosene28) with BoilerJuice any time from 7am on Friday until 11.59pm on Sunday, on a Standard Delivery, with a Standard Tanker.

As more people order the same day as you, we'll automatically group your order with other qualifying orders in your area to help you get a great price.

Which orders qualify for the Buying Weekend?

Only qualifying orders are grouped. To qualify for Buying Weekend savings, your order must be:
  • ✅ 500 litres or more
  • ✅ Kerosene 28 (not Red Diesel or Premium Kerosene)
  • ✅ On a Standard Delivery (10 day delivery)
  • ✅ Delivered on Standard Tanker (6 wheeler)

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